Anonymous asked: Polygamy? Marry me! Lets go to Misr

Wow, Ramadan just ended and my thirsty followers are bombing my inbox already. Y’all been missed by yours truly, Al-Mujahida.


the-roman-soldier asked: Ayyyy Eid Mubarak i am late and dumb but Eid Mubarak shawtyy

Naaaah, you’re not late baby boo! Eid Mubarek, hope you’ll have the best Eid ever. Luh u my goat lovah!

i-love-me89 asked: Eid Mubbark sister 💓

Eid Mubarek sis! Have a blessed day :)


sabaean-kingdom: waqo! I’m so sawwie


Anonymous asked: “Tell the believing men to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things), and protect their private parts (from illegal sexual acts). That is purer for them. Verily, Allaah is All‑Aware of what they do”[al-Noor 24:30] . I believe the pictures you put up wre for other sisters to see and i have now seen them so i feel the need to apologise amd ask for forgivness. Sorry ibfind it hard to string sentances together as i have dyslexia

Barek’Allah fik, i assume you’re a brother! No worries, I kinda understand now. Wasen’t your fault, you couldn’t do much about it, i should be the one apologizing really.

If it makes things easier i can delete thw pics, no worries.

Anonymous asked: MashaAllah! You're beautiful! Allah yb3id 3annik al7asad

Wow, jazek’Allah kheir ya habibti. Lots of love!


Anonymous asked: Asalam alaykum sister i pray youbare well and in the best of eeman. Sister please forgive me for messaging you as i was scrolling down my tumblr posts and came across your pictures i am not sure if they are pictures of you or someone else but i ask sister if they are of you or someone else please forgive as i unintentionnaly had a looki pray you had a good ramadan and ibpray allah swt accepts your ibadah amd may he raise your ranks in jannah ameen

Wa’alaykomsalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Jazek’Allah kheir, May he accept our prayers, fasting and good deads, Ameen. Hope you’re in a great state of health and imaan as well.

I’m a little confused though, you want me to delete the pics. Is it like a nasheeha or are you just giving me compliments? Lol, forgive me.


Anonymous asked: Ma Sha Allah yourrrrrr haaaaiirrr and your eyessss and your lips and especially your haaaaiiirrrrrr

Aw, jazek’Allah kheir habibi galbi! Too cayute


Anonymous asked: Those lips OHHHHHH fjajekalwnskjwvakanssnashzhnskekskkzbsmsslanlskwnerpldyowpwjrksplanamsnskksnslkldllskslqlnaynepwndbsjskk OMG

I know, one of my best features tbh. Ma shaa’Allah on me *spits on myself while knocking on wood*, doing the bid’ah.




and Ramadan ends with a thunderstorm.

shaydan comin bak with a bang

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Anonymous asked: No wallah it's no problem it's cool I haven't prayed it soo heheh May Allah bless you both girls, Eid Mubarak I hope Allah accepts every good you have done this Ramadan 😘

Haha, you’re too cute. Ameen and likewise. Taqabbal Allahu minna wa minkum (May Allah accept it from you and us), Eid Mubarek dear. Have a blessed day!! 😌

My bad! I said wrong, may Allah azza wa jall forgive me, Ameen. There’s no taraweeh the last day of ramadan.

sweetchiliniqabae jazek’Allah kheir


Anonymous asked: Do you know if there is taraweeh the last day in ramadan ??? JazakAllahu kahir

Nope, there’s no taraweeh! Wa iyyaki